Blake Shelton's latest single, 'Honey Bee,' has been an instant hit with his fans, who made it the No. 1 downloaded song in iTunes its first week out.

Written by Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip -- who are part Nashville's writing trio the Peach Pickers -- the song was a happy accident that came about in an unusual way.

"We actually had no clue what we were going to write," Akins tells Taste of Country. "Both of us got there and had no ideas. I was flipping through a Billboard magazine, and there was an article in there about [former Arkansas governor Mike] Huckabee doing an album or something. I thought it said 'Huckleberry.' I said, 'Well let's write a song about huckleberry … 'I'm your huckleberry.' That turned into 'honeysuckle,' but we didn’t know what it meant. Then it turned into 'honeysuckle / honey bee.'"

The song's chorus is a cute play on words of things that work well together, like the guy singing the song and the girl it's about:

"You be my soft and sweet / I'll be your strong and steady / You be my glass of wine / I'll be your shot of whiskey / You be my sunny day / I'll be your shade tree / You be my honeysuckle / I'll be your honey bee."

"It was a different way for the guy to say, 'We should date, I love you,'" Akins explains. "We started coming up with different things. If you'll be this, I'll be that. We spent a majority of the time coming up with cool things for the chorus."

Coming from two good ole Georgia boys, the song was something they could relate to well.

"Girl, I've been thinking about us / And you know I ain’t good at this stuff / These feelings piling up won't give me no rest / This might come out a little crazy / A little sideways maybe, yeah maybe / I don't know how long it will take me / But I'll do my best," Shelton sings in the first verse.

"Most guys aren't romantic so," Akins says with a grin. "I'm not good at saying how I feel, so I usually try to turn it into something funny so I don't sound like a dork. This is something I would say to a girl!"

'Honey Bee' is the first single from Shelton's forthcoming album on Warner Bros. Records. The hot tune can be purchased for download through iTunes by clicking here.

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