Miranda Lambert has made no secret that she unfollows her hubby Blake Shelton on Twitter when his comments get to be too much. She might be giving him a smack upside the head, however, when she hears what he said about their sex life in a new interview.

ET host Nancy O'Dell -- who has history with Lambert being that she was the host of 'Nashville Star,' the reality show where Lambert competed but didn't win -- asked 'The Voice' coach (and two-time winner) what's the craziest place and he his wife have "made whoopee."

Shelton revealed that the craziest place was automotive, saying, "Probably just, like, in the truck, back home -- back in the woods."

"We’re kinky," he added. "We like to know that wild animals are watching us." Let's hope that Shelton and Lambert head to a secluded place to 'do the deed' far away from the locals, since they were voted the most desirable celeb neighbors in a recent poll (as that would quickly change).

Shelton also offered his philosophical thoughts on the low-cut shirts that fellow coach and duet partner Christina Aguilera has a penchant for wearing during the season. "As much as I enjoy breathing air. I am a normal guy, after all," he declared about enjoying her attire.

The 'Over' singer then turned the tables, asking O'Dell if she was disappointed that his wife didn’t win 'Nashville Star.' The host said she knew Lambert would have been a star regardless of whether or not she won the show. In a roundabout way, she admitted that she was indeed disappointed for the now-superstar at the time.

But leave to Shelton to make her squirm a little!

Shelton also gabbed about his sex life recently in a quick, on-the-go chat with TMZ while in L.A. Apparently, trucks are a recurring theme in his love life.

Watch Blake Shelton Gab About His Sex Life