Blake Shelton sent the most countrified member of his team home during Monday night's episode of 'The Voice.' To be fair, the song Jordan Rager was asked to sing was way out of his comfort zone, but a perfect fit for his Battle Rounds contender Naia Kete. Rager's growth during the rehearsals was commendable, but ultimately not enough.

Shelton chose the funky, reggae-pop hit 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz when pairing up his remaining team members. The 17-year-old quickly lost his confidence, but opened up while working with Miranda Lambert, who played his adviser during the episode. It was refreshing to watch him work the crowd with so little effort, when just a day earlier it seemed like an elephant was sitting on his chest. However, Shelton called the battle a tie and chose the singer with more experience, leaving Rager to find his voice elsewhere.

Additionally, country duo the LiNE from Team Christina found themselves out of their comfort zone singing 'Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones. While they were able to fall into the performance come showtime, it wasn't nearly enough to best emcee Moses Stone, who worked the stage like it was his own Las Vegas showcase.

Nicolle Galyon -- the country pianist on Adam Levine's team -- was also sent home after falling to Mathai. The women sang Sara Bareilles' 'Love Song,' but after being asked to abandon the piano, Galyon never felt quite comfortable. The one bright spot for country fans from Monday night was the timid Karla Davis, who knocked off the soulful Orlando Napier. They battled with 'Easy' by the Commodores.

Next week, 'The Voice' will return in full force as the Live Shows begin, with all-new episodes slated for both Monday and Tuesday night. This is especially exciting for fans of the show, as it will be the first time in Season 2 when viewers get a say in who stays and who goes.

Watch Naia Kete Battle Jordan Rager on 'The Voice'

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