Classically trained pianist turned singer-songwriter Nicolle Galyon stood apart from the other country contestants on 'The Voice' Monday night. Actually, she sat... while delivering a tender, piano driven version of Kenny Chesney's 'You Save Me.'

Only Adam Levine spun around to watch the performance, meaning the Sterling, Kan. native will join his team when the show moves into the battle rounds. "I feel like I'm living a dream, I don't know, my head's in the clouds right now," Galyon said after her audition, admitting that she would have chosen the Maroon 5 rocker had all four mentors fought for her.

"When you weren't nervous you were so special," Levine said. Blake Shelton added that the blonde singer didn't get nervous until Levine spun around. Gaylon said at that point she felt like she had gotten what she came for so she lost focus.

According to her page on Facebook, Gaylon is a staff songwriter for Warner-Chappell Publishing. "I play piano. I write songs on the piano. I sing the songs i write on the piano," she writes in her biography. The other coaches appreciated her desire to make the piano as important an instrument as the fiddle in Nashville, but also suggested she learn guitar.

The audience went wild when Levine spun around, and a big smile broke out across Gaylon's face. Clearly excited, she said,"I don't even remember the audience, I just felt like I was singing to these four chairs."

Watch Nicolle Galyon Sing Kenny Chesney's 'You Save Me' on 'The Voice'

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