An online critic with harsh words for 'The Voice' singer RaeLynn is feeling the wrath of the blonde cutie's coach today. Blake Shelton read a personal assault on his 17-year-old singer's performance from Monday night and fired back with a (not so safe for work) series of tweets.

"I wish all I had to do in life was lay around on my big a-- judging the people who try while eatin' extra movie theatre butter pop-secret…" Shelton tweeted around 10PM on Wednesday.

He was making reference to a article in which writer MaryAnn Sleasman said, "If I found myself locked in a room with the choice between Erin Martin or RaeLynn being played on a loop until death mercifully found me, I'd have to go with RaeLynn, but there is no way, America -- no way -- that her floppy, incomprehensible rendition of 'Wake Up Call' was better than Jordis Unga's 'Alone.'"

"Can you believe a grown adult feels good about making a living trashing kids following their dreams while hiding behind their laptop? Sad.." Shelton said.

One of the 'Honey Bee' hitmaker's own followers poked the dragon with a few thought-provoking questions that earned quick rebukes from Shelton. "Aren't they presenting themselves to be judged?" the fan asked, to which the singer responded, "Judged not bashed... This s--t is hard. And THAT deserves respect."

An hour later, Shelton finally called it a night with one last tweet. "S--t man... I'm sorry y'all but I can't stand a chicken s--t… I need a drink. Bad!!! I love y'all so much!! #TeamBlake"

While he came to her rescue here, RaeLynn didn't have to be saved by Shelton on Tuesday -- her performance earned enough fan votes to move her into the next round. After taking a week off while members of Team Adam and Team Cee Lo fight for their lives on the show, she'll return to sing on April 16.

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