A group of six of Nashville's most promising females took on an all-time classic song at a recent Song Suffragettes gig, offering up an emotional rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me."

Madison Kozak, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Jordyn Shellhart and the duo Hadley Park shared the bill on the #LetTheGirlsPlay lineup on July 17 in Music City, with each of the singer-songwriters performing her own original songs before all joining together at the end for a group cover, a Suffragettes tradition.

LTGP veterans Stone and Shorr begin the song, with Stone playing acoustic chords under Shorr's delicate intro vocal, which gives way to Shellhart as she jumps into the powerful chorus, backed by vocal harmonies from the group.

Kozak takes the second verse and the members of Hadley Park join their voices in harmony for the second chorus, with Stone accompanying herself on guitar to bring the song home again accompanied by group harmonies.

Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin wrote "I Can't Make You Love Me," and Raitt turned it into a hit when she released it as the third single from Luck of the Draw in 1991. The song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2016.

The weekly Suffragettes gigs at the Listening Room offer females in Nashville a spotlight and platform for their original songs, which was one of the primary goals of the #LetTheGirlsPlay movement when it launched several years ago in response to the unique struggles women face in country music. Taste of Country continues to be a strong supporter, publishing weekly cover songs and a monthly featured artist interview.

The exposure from LTGP has worked, too. Stone's new video for "Nervous" premiered via CMT, while Shorr has scored success at satellite radio with "Fight Like a Girl." ToC chose Chloe Gilligan as this month's featured artist, while Shorr is a former spotlight artist whom ToC named one of our RISERS for 2017.

Watch Shorr's original RISERS performance of one of her original songs titled "Nothin' New" below.  She also took part in an exclusive photo shoot and interview about her SiriusXM breakthrough single, "Fight Like a Girl."

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