Fifty years after the original British invasion, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and others helped celebrate with a Grammy Beatles tribute.

Although the show was taped live in January, ran Sunday evening (Feb. 9) to mark the Beatles' first appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' with some of the biggest names in music today teaming up for a two-hour musical tribute of well-loved Beatles songs.

Keith Urban took the stage with pop singer John Mayer to sing the Beatles' 'Don't Let Me Down.' Fans may know from the pair's previous teaming up on 'CMT Crossroads' that the two singers have something special that ignites when they share the stage, and the duet was a smashing success. Not only do their voices meld together effortlessly, but their guitar talent is unlike any other. Urban and Mayer traded off soaring guitar solos that really showcased their individual talents.

During the star duo's smoking solos, Ringo Starr had his eyes closed, air-drumming along, while Paul McCartney looked on in respect, nodding his head.

But Urban wasn't the only country hitmaker onstage Sunday evening. Brad Paisley teamed up with Pharrell Williams to perform ‘Here Comes the Sun.' Although it may seem like a surprising pair -- and they looked the part of an odd couple, with Paisley wearing a cowboy hat and Williams attired in a cardigan and fedora -- they made a perfect team.

Paisley accompanied Williams on guitar for the first verse, taking the lead in his signature smooth vocals for the second verse. Performers from Cirque du Soleil joined the two guys onstage as they paid tribute to the Beatles.

Other artists to take part in this commemorative evening included John Legend, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, a reunited Eurythmics, Dave Grohl, Imagine Dragons and Stevie Wonder.

Of course, the two remaining Beatles stole the show. Starr performed 'Matchbox,' 'Boys' and 'Yellow Submarine,' while McCartney and his solo band played 'Birthday' with an energetic reading of ‘Get Back,’ the theme song from ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ and ‘With a Little Help From My Friends.'

After 50 years of listening to their hits, the Beatles songs will never be played too much!

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