Get ready to meet country newcomer Bradley Gaskin with his new single 'Mr. Bartender,' and while you're saying hello, buy the poor heartbroken guy a drink, won't you?

Gaskin first came to the industry's attention when he impressed John Rich, formerly of Big and Rich and known for developing young talent, through his submission for the 'Get Rich Talent Search' a couple of years ago. Since then, the young singer has reportedly been working with the country star on new material.

If 'Mr. Bartender' -- and the reaction it prompted from an industry crowd at last week's Country Radio Seminar in Nashville -- are any indication, then Rich has indeed found another star. The singer reportedly wowed the crowd, particularly with his performance of this soon-to-be classic bar lament.

His strong, hearty voice can't hide how bad his heart is broken, and the twanging guitars and piano pulls you up a seat on the bar right next to Gaskin. You know the story: He's lost his girl, and it's sorrow-drowning time.

"I'm so down and out / I never thought I'd lose her / And be so broken down / And now I'm counting on something to ease this pain I've got / Mr. Bartender, take me out with one shot."

There's no word yet on when we can expect more singles, an album or tour dates from Bradley, but stay tuned to Taste of Country for all the latest on lots of bright new country stars.

Listen to Bradley Gaskin, 'Mr. Bartender'