Newcomer Bradley Gaskin's debut video finds the Duck Springs, Ala. born singer in his natural habitats: on a stage, in a bar, and hauling sheet rock. Gaskin has done plenty of each, and throughout the three minute clip for 'Mr. Bartender' he looks as comfortable with a guitar and a drink in his hand as he does a piece of dry wall on his shoulder.

Gaskin's father owns a sheet rock company -- his company gets a plug in the video -- and Bradley worked for him until his recording career picked up this year. The younger Gaskin left the heartbreak that inspired the song behind with the dry wall, though; Bradley is now happily married with a 2-year-old daughter at home.

In the music video, Gaskin pulls up a bar stool and orders two separate drinks, but decides each one isn't strong enough to bury his sorrows. At the very end, the bartender pulls out a glass jar with two 'X's' and smiles at Gaskin, telling him to "be careful with that." Gaskin takes a sip and flashes back a cheesy grin. One assumes that he's sipped a lot of moonshine in his years or that they used water as a stage prop, because he doesn't wince one bit.

John Rich plays the roll of the bartender. It was Rich who discovered Gaskin on MySpace in 2008, and invited him to participate in his talent search. He then signed Gaskin to a publishing deal, and helped the newcomer land a record deal with Columbia records.

Watch the Bradley Gaskin 'Mr. Bartender' Video