As the presidential election approaches, Carrie Underwood is making sure she's very aware as to what is going on in the world — and she's urging others to do the same. The "Heartbeat" singer recently spoke with Rolling Stone Country about the importance of making her own decisions when it comes to policies she's passionate about.

"My husband and I try to keep up with what's going on, and my mom and I solve the problems of the world on a daily basis in our phone conversations," Underwood explains. "I try to take things that I'm passionate about and wanting people to get educated on and make up their own minds on things."

Underwood stresses the importance of people doing their research and making an informed decision before going to the polls during election season.

"More than anything, I want people to do their own homework," the star insists. "I don't want people to vote for somebody because I told them to. I want them to find out about things that they are passionate about and what's important to them and look at different candidates and policies. And try to make their own decisions on that. That's where I stand, and I go and cast my vote like everybody else."

Currently headlining the Storyteller Tour, Underwood is bringing her music to audiences throughout the U.S. But the singer and new mom will find some downtime to celebrate her son Isaiah Michael's birthday on Feb. 27. She recently shared details of baby Isaiah’s milestone celebration with Entertainment Tonight on the Grammy Awards Red Carpet on Feb. 15.

“[We are throwing] a little party, just family and friends, people that are staples in his life. It won’t be anything fancy,” she explains. “I’m like, ‘What do you get a 1-year-old for a present?’ I have no idea so I’ve been on Amazon trying to find presents for him.”

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