Their dream home in Ottawa is finally completed, and we get the inside scoop on the new residence of Carrie Underwood and her hockey player husband Mike Fisher in the current issue of Us Weekly. Underwood says compromise is the key word when it came to decorating their new abode -- she's a vegetarian, yet she's approved a hunting room for her husband.

A friend of Fisher’s says, "She’s a vegetarian, so the big joke was that he wanted a hunting room for his deer heads. He got that room approved. I think she got a shoe room in exchange!" He adds that the house "looks amazing. They used a lot of natural materials."

The Vancouver Sun recently learned that the home is in West Carleton, only minutes from Scotiabank Place where Fisher plays hockey. It sits on a large piece of land and was built by custom home builder Brian Howie. It is made of brick and stone and is somewhere near 5,000 square feet. All Howie could say is that it’s "impressive and tasteful, but not extravagant."

The builder said Fisher and Underwood both contributed ideas to the house’s design. Howie’s known Fisher for some time and adds, "I met him at Home Depot once and at a restaurant, and he found out that we didn’t live far apart. He is very unassuming, and likes to be treated like one of the neighbors. There’s no ego at all with Mike."

The couple also has a house in Nashville, but the reason they have one in Canada as well is so that Underwood can spend as much time with Fisher as possible when he's playing hockey.