Chris Stapleton swept the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on Monday (Feb. 15) at Los Angeles' Staples Center with two wins for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Album for Traveller. In the media room backstage, he spoke on his wins, giving advice to struggling artists and sharing his thoughts on being upgraded from "Grammy nominee" to "Grammy winner."

"It's a life-changing thing for sure," he tells Taste of Country of becoming a Grammy winner. "I'm sure this will amplify things to some degree, I'm not sure to what degree, but we'll find out."

When asked the highlights of writing his album Traveller, Stapleton told the media room that the songs accompanied on his Grammy-winning country album took place over a 15 year period.

"Some of them, I may not remember the highlights," he admits. "They're all written with friends of mine and people I've come to hold dear as friends and brothers of music. Those are the memories."

While Stapleton says that it is hard to digest and be fully aware that he just won two Grammys, he thinks the realization will sink in "sooner or later." However, he doesn't make an album with the thought of receiving awards.

"I don't make records to win awards," the singer asserts. "I make records to make records and hopefully make the records as good as they can be. That's also what these awards hopefully represent and I think that's the wonderful thing about the Grammys."

As for artists who have yet to achieve their dreams, Stapleton offers this advice: "Keep on dreaming!"

Stapleton also shared the stage with Gary Clark Jr. and Bonnie Raitt for a soulful tribute to B.B. King at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

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