New Chris Young is doubling down on the traditional. “I’m Comin’ Over” is drenched in weeping pedal steel and familiar country themes. The song relies on Young’s sturdy voice, which is as solid as a mountain on this power ballad.

The song is Young’s first sampling from an upcoming fifth studio album. He promised more uptempo and rowdy fair on A.M. from 2013, but “I’m Comin’ Over” foreshadows nothing of the same. Here the native Tennessean is struggling with a breakup.

“We say goodbye see you around / We turn our backs then turn back around / We break up we make up and we make love / We can’t seem to let go girl,” he says to open the self-penned song (Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge helped).

Melodically, "I'm Comin' Over" is similar to Lee Brice’s new ballad “That Don’t Sound Like You,” but thematically, it’s quite different. Here Young’s character is equally desperate for love, be it of the fleeting variety.

“I’m all alone, but you’re on my phone / Tellin' me you miss me and that you’re at home / Who knows what we are in the mornin' / All I know is I want you,” he sings after the first chorus, taking no chance with metaphor.

Young reminds the listener of his powerful voice through each chorus, and the song eventually swells and recedes into a fadeout. One song is rarely indicative of an entire album, but fans can find comfort there’s at least one song on Young's upcoming project they’ll recognize.

Why Fans Will Love It: "I'm Comin' Over" stays true to what fans love about Young.

Key Lyrics: So I’m comin' over / Runnin' every red light / To hell with the closure / Save it for another time / Try not to think about you / But it ain’t workin' / Why put out a fire when it’s still burnin' / Just when I think movin' on is gettin' closer / I’m comin' over."

Did You Know?: Young got an early career boost from Trace Adkins' fans. They helped him form his first fan club.

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