Christina Taylor's "American Dreamin'" shows optimism through obstacles. In a world built to chip away at our shine, Taylor is still smiling with this song that stresses owning your quirks.

Rock and country sharpen Taylor's pop-friendly arrangement. Lyrically lines like "hole in my apple pie sky" show efficiency and color rare in a newcomer's debut single. A tight melody and strong hook make the track even easier to consume, while unexpected outbursts like "So yo, here we go" add sincerity. Taylor shows potential with a song that will likely sound as good live as it does on the radio.

Did You Know?: Taylor is from Charlotte, N.C., but now lives in Nashville.

Christina Taylor, "American Dreamin'" Lyrics:

Well I've always been the girl with stars in her eyes / Now they're sayin' there's a hole in my apple pie sky / But I just keep lookin' up / They say we're slippin' down that slippery slope / Hard to hold onto faith when you're losin' hope / But I ain't givin' in to givin' up.

So yo, here we go, American Dreamin' / Free fallin', free wheelin' / Ya judges and ya haters can't stop this feelin' / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / Somebody lovin', somebody leavin' / But it's the same blood we're all bleeding / We all still lookin' for somethin' to believe in / Y'all, it's called American Dreamin' / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Girls gotta be hot, guys gotta be strong / But ain't we all just trying to belong / And I'm just trying to be me / Oh show your true colors, let 'em shine through / Cause love is still love no matter who's lovin' who / And I'm gonna find someone who loves me for me.

Mama calls me up, says whatcha doin' girl / I worry boutcha out there in this big crazy world / When you coming home, mama I can't say / I'm just livin' the dream in the U.S. of A.

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