Christina Taylor's new song "I Got That From You" underlines a simple truth of life: we're a product of our genes and raising as much as we are experiences had after we leave home. An emotional new music video for the song — premiering exclusively on Taste of Country — builds toward the moment just before the dam holding in heartbreak breaks.

Kelley Lovelace and Lynn Hutton helped Taylor write "I Got That From You," a progressive vocal showcase that begins with the story of her childhood. Images of Mom and Dad from years ago run across screens set up behind the seated country singer. There's a real sense of nostalgia until the song becomes something quite different at the chorus.

"I guess a part of who you are comes from the ones you love / And I'm finding out the hard way it's the same when you break up," she sings.

"A heartbreak can really shape who you are in so many ways, for better or for worse," Taylor tells Taste of Country, "and that’s what we wrote 'I Got That From You' about."

At the chorus, the focus of the North Carolina-to-Nashville singer's message intensifies on a moment in time, specifically this moment in time where she's left with black mascara tears and a sense of loneliness she can't shake. Taylor's story is personal, yet it's also one everyone has lived.

The video for "I Got That From You" was shot at Canvas Productions, with director Lexy Burke offering many of the creative ideas.

"She’s the one who suggested we have a big screen behind me playing old family footage to go along with the first part of the song when it talks about how I look like my mom and inherited my dad's daredevil attitude, and then transition into the symbols of heartbreak," Taylor confesses.

It's beautiful imagery that illustrates a broken heart, but also — along with the anthemic arrangement — allows one to imagine the storm is just about over. "I Got That From You" is Taylor's newest single, following songs including "Settin' Myself on Fire," "That Girl" and "Loser."

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