Country star Clint Black got the Tweet of a lifetime over the weekend, from NASA no less. NASA tweeted: "Astronauts and space station crew awoke to 'Galaxy Song' by Clint Black, played for the entire crew on their last day at station." What an uplifting tweet if there ever was one.

NASA's Facebook update was posted as follows: "The crews of space shuttle Endeavour and Expedition 28 woke at 7:56PM ET to 'Galaxy Song' by Clint Black, played for the entire crew." Is it just us, or is it cool that NASA has embraced social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook? How modern of them!

Black tweeted back, writing, "As a child, I dreamed of being an astronaut. And now one of my songs is an astronaut. I hope they gave it some Tang."

iTunes downloads for 'Galaxy Song' have skyrocketed -- pun intended -- in light of the tweet, and Black has been added to the lineup of the CMA Fest, where it's expected he'll perform 'Galaxy Song.' Looks like NASA unintentionally launched a promotional campaign for a Clint Black tune.

Listen to 'Galaxy Song' Here