Cody Webb's new summer song is one a real country boy or country girl can relate to. "Jon Boat" describes a rowdy time on the water with a "12-footer bouncing while we're 12-ouncing." Listen to Webb's new song during this Taste of Country exclusive.

The country-rock track tells of an outdoor party that takes place regularly enough that it demands its own song. The subject matter is one the South Carolina native knows well, having grown up on Lake Murray. In fact, Webb is an official ambassador of Lake Murray and will host his own fishing tournament there in 2020.

"On my Jon boat / Got a bikini-lined dockside waiting for a ride / On my Jon boat / We keep a 12-footer bouncing while we're 12-ouncing / Knees are blasting, water's splashing / Summertime's better cause we get a little wetter on my Jon boat," he sings in the chorus. Look for the song at digital retailers and streaming sites on June 14.

Football fans may recognize Webb from a video that ran prior to the NFL Network's NFL draft coverage in 2019. He starred in a clip that also featured voiceover work from Dolly Parton, and fans got to hear his first new song of 2019, "Gettin' Somewhere." "She's Carolina" is another song in the singer-songwriter's catalog.

Trent Jeffcoat, Keith Dozier and Trey Ellis helped Webb write "Jon Boat." It's being released via Copperline Music Group.

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