Occasionally, karaoke night at the local bar offers Nashville quality talent, but usually it's a mix of mediocre and shamefully drunk and/or awful. It's those performances we remember best in the morning, if we remember anything at all. Now, YouTube has expanded a once-a-week tradition for local adults to kids, teens and the sorts that would never be found sipping Budweisers after midnight. It's amazing what people will do when the camera is rolling, and below are 10 of the worst country karaoke fails we could find on the internet. To be fair, not all 10 videos are horrific, but none are very good.

  • 10

    'Love Story'

    Taylor Swift

    Well, our mama taught us that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. So ... we really appreciate this singer's passion. And if that's a Sonic the Hedgehog clock over this aspiring singer's right shoulder, then that's pretty cool, too.

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    'She's Country'

    Jason Aldean

    The singing actually isn't bad in this karaoke fail video, but there's a certain 'Little Miss Sunshine' quality to this video of a second grader singing Jason Aldean's hit. We approve of the young girl's vocal effort, just not the hip shaking.

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    'Stuck Like Glue'


    It takes this old gal a minute or so to get going, but after the first verse she's moving and grooving like she wrote the song. She struggles some with Jennifer Nettles' reggae breakdown, however. We only wish our grandma was this cool.

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    'Islands in the Stream'

    Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

    We appreciate good theater, and "Clyde" and "Ray Ray" from the Sangin' Cowboys are commited. They've produced over a dozen videos of their country and pop covers, including Kenny Rogers's and Dolly Parton's 'Islands in the Stream' from 1983. It takes two brave men to work this song out on camera, or maybe just two 20 to 30-year-olds with a lot of time and a video camera.

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    'Need You Now'

    Lady Antebellum

    This got a shout out from the trio on Twitter. "I'm going to totally destroy this song, because that's what I do," the karaoke singer featured in this video says. "I destroy songs, people." About the best thing you can say about this performance is that he lives up to his promise.

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    'Jesus Take the Wheel'

    Carrie Underwood

    Memorable lines from this forgettable version of Carrie Underwood's first hit include "I'm a Lennon goat" and "Jesus Take the Wii." We're not sure what a Lennon goat is, but who among us can't relate to the frustration of a day wasted in front of the Nintendo?

  • 4



    This is funny on multiple levels. First, the singing, although passionate, is very painful. Second, the guy on the right is actually driving during this performance. Can you imagine passing this car on the highway? We can only assume that since the video was uploaded successfully everyone got to their destination safely.

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    'Should've Said No'

    Taylor Swift

    We'll never know why this young songbird chose a live version of Swift's hit song to sing, but the long pauses between lyrics make this karaoke fail that much more enjoyable. Stick around to the end when her computer seems to skip. Nichole is somewhat of a YouTube karaoke star, with no fewer than six equally as delightful videos.

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    Patsy Cline

    Even with the straightforward title, this video still surprises. The further you follow along, the more you wonder if it's all an act -- but to be honest it doesn't matter. 'Fat Man' gives an Oscar-worthy karaoke fail performance.

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    'Before He Cheats'

    Carrie Underwood

    This is inspired. Watch to the very end of the video to see the full extent of this man's rage. It seems like this was some sort of staged competition, and we're not sure how the man finished. Perhaps he scared the judges into declaring him the winner.