For as long as we can remember, the local dancehall has been the place to find the best country songs, drink specials and line dance pros on a Friday night. Country fans are not excluded from popular choreographed dance moves seen in other genres -- line dancing is a staple to the twang scene, and people really seem to love it. Unfortunately, some folks like to line dance a bit too much, without regard for what other people are seeing. We put together a list of the 10 Worst Country Line Dance Fails: a group of country line dance YouTube videos that probably shouldn't have been shared with the public. Get your fill of laughable clips, complete with hip-hop moves and never-before-heard-of workouts, before heading out to your local club. Just don't turn yourself into one of these fail videos!

  • 10

    Ladies Dance Off ... For Billy Ray Cyrus Tickets

    Nothing says country quite like a Billy Ray Cyrus dance off, and in this video, several ladies are competing in the line dance competition of the century in hopes to snag a pair of tickets to the 'Achy Breaky' singer's concert. We're not sure why this song, of the hundreds of great toe-tappin' songs out there, was chosen to represent a true line dance, but the girls don't seem to mind. The premise is simple enough -- dance the best and get the tickets, but as you can tell, some of the diehards just don't want to walk away when they're tapped out of the competition.

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    Line Dancing for Toddlers? Maybe Next Year

    We have to admit, this video is pretty cute. A woman is instructing a group on how to dance an "easy" line dance meant for kiddos, but one little girl just can't seem to get it in line, and ends up going the wrong way for most of the minute-long video. Sure, she's not missing the instruction -- she's doing her own thing! Still, the idea of a line dance is to dance together, and we're thinking maybe line dancing isn't the best sport for tots, anyhow -- making this one a fail on the adults' part.

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    Sumo Suits and Country Moves Don't Mix

    Sumo wrestlers line dancing? There are no words. Just enjoy this ultimate line dance fail.

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    Mom Shows Off Her Tumbling Skills

    Parents can be embarrassing more often than they like to admit, but in this case, it's the kid who gets the last laugh. Mom is doing a great job entertaining her family, dancing in the yard by herself and showing off her country line dance skills, but watch to see what happens in the end. Hint: You'll fall over laughing.

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    Shed Those Pounds With Line Dancing!

    Good news for dancehall regulars: Country music can help you lose weight! Follow the instruction of this workout video and you could tone your way into the line dancing Olympics. No, really, this is just silly. We'd recommend sticking to the elliptical and avoiding 'Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party with Amy Blackburn.'

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    Ya Gotta Dance Like Nobody's Watching

    We like this guy's attitude. When he wants to dance, he's going to do it ... he doesn't care who's watching! Forget the fact that Blondie's 'One Way or Another' is by no stretch of the imagination a country song. Mullet man has his matching boots, pants and hat on (no shirt) and he's going to stomp it out in front of hundreds of concertgoers. We think you'll agree that this video is a shoe-in for our list of the Top 10 Country Line Dance Fails.

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    Country Girl, Shake It to 'MMMBop'

    Remember Hanson's 1997 infectious hit 'MMMBop'? Wish you could forget it? It certainly wasn't a country song, but one choreographer from Canada is hoping it will slowly transform the world of twang. We have to give it to this group of girls, who have come together in full force for an official line dance instruction, as they brought out the big guns -- down to coordinated outfits. But really, what were they thinking with this song choice? Fail.

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    Pro Takes 'Get on the Floor' Too Literally

    We've seen some crazy dance numbers in our day, but no one as enthusiastic about their moves as the guy in this dated video. Sure, he's stylin' in his shiny blue shirt, dressed to the nines for a night out on the town, but perhaps he should have declined that last drink. His line dance moves are full of win -- he's one of the best we've seen (especially when doing research for this list) -- but by the two-and-a-half minute mark, when he begins to scoot across the floor on his knees, we'd had just about enough. We're just thankful that someone had a video camera turned on to capture this magic!

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    Country Fans Go Goo-Goo for Gaga

    When Lady Gaga put out 'Poker Face' in 2008, do you think she intended to make the song go viral as a country line dance? Probably not, but one Vegas dance club is trying to see to it that it happens anyhow. In this video, the folks at Gilley's dance it out to pop's biggest star, keeping us endlessly amused. Shockingly, the dancers seem pretty into the song choice, but we're tagging this one as a super fail.

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    Lady Schools Us on 'Cowboy Hip-Hop'

    Who says country and hip-hop don't mix? Well ... mostly everyone (unless you're someone like Jason Aldean). It's pretty obvious why this video makes our Top 10 Country Line Dance Fails list. Watch as Heidi, T.J., Susan and Jamie offer their tips on how to embarrass yourself at the local dancehall with cowboy hip-hop moves. Did you know there's a country version of the Running Man? Us either. That's jammin'!