Ken Burns' Country Music documentary covers only four years during its fifth episode, 1964-1968, but what a four years they were! The United States' involvement in the Vietnam War was at its height during this time, and the controversial overseas action serves as a backdrop for the rise of some of the most iconic names in country music.

Merle Haggard. Loretta Lynn. Charley Pride. Dolly Parton  — country music fans will instantly recognize many of the artists who play key roles in the fifth Country Music episode. What they may not instantly recognize, however, are some of the stories told by Burns, his interview subjects and, sometimes, the stars themselves.

From the start of Johnny Cash's legendary friendship with Bob Dylan to Jeannie Seely's major role in creating equal opportunities for women at the Grand Ole Opry, Burns and company unearth some truly incredible tales from the depths of country music history.

5 Things We Learned Watching Episode 5 of PBS' 'Country Music':

The first four episodes of Country Music aired on Sept. 15-18. Following Episode 5's Sunday night debut, the docuseries' final three episodes are scheduled to air on Sept. 23-25 on PBS and on the PBS video app and All episodes will air at 8PM ET.


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