These pictures of country music tattoos show how predominant this type of body art is among musicians in the country genre. However, country singers all range in the style of tattoo they receive. For example, some country stars have larger tattoos, like Whitney Duncan, while others only have smaller symbols, like Kellie Pickler. For some country stars like Hillary Scott, tattoos are a means of expressing their love for music -- especially a love for Waylon Jennings, in Jake Owens' case. Other singers use their tattoos as a way of honoring loved ones, like Danny Gokey's tattoo that he dedicated to his late wife, Sophia.

Meanwhile, there are some singers who dislike their tattoos, like Blake Shelton. The Boot quoted Shelton last year saying, "I probably have the crappiest tattoo -- not only in country music -- but maybe the world." Flip through our gallery of country music tattoos and let us know which piece of ink you like the best.