Crystal Bowersox, the dread-locked runner-up on Season 9 of 'American Idol' who released the country single 'Farmer's Daughter,' has confirmed that she is bisexual.

She's even released a holiday song to celebrate the big reveal!

Bowersox, 28, debuted a soulful track called 'Coming Out for Christmas' and has said that the reaction to her revelation has been incredibly positive.

"People are like no matter what, dreads or no dreads, whatever your orientation is, my fans are die hard and I love them for it," she shares. "They take me as I am." The singer has also stated that she has been bisexual for as long as she can remember.

Bowersox was married, but split from husband Brian Walker in May of last year. The couple parted ways amicably, saying that their friendship and love remained strong, and that they would continue to support one another personally and professionally.

The former country singer has a son from a previous relationship.

Listen to Crystal Bowersox's 'Coming Out for Christmas'