Okay, so 'My Favorite Things' isn't exactly a country song ... that is, not until 12-piece family band, the Willis Clan, got a hold of it, presenting their immense talent on 'America's Got Talent.' They transform the classic from a popular show tune into a foot-stomping, hand-clapping, folk-inspired song that got the show audience on its feet. And, did we mention the Willis Clan is completely comprised of siblings, ages 3-21? Really!

When the Willis Clan sing, everyone in the group participates -- even the youngest tots. While the oldest sister, Jessica, take on lead vocals, her siblings pull their own weight. It's clear every single member of the family is talented, and when the youngest begins dancing front and center on the stage, you can practically feel every heart in the audience melt. You'll be tempted to watch this over and over! We won't stop you.

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