Taylor Swift's 2007 hit 'Our Song' gets a 100 percent adorable makeover by two sisters in this video ... and they probably weren't even born when the song was released! The cuties appear to be around the ages of two and five, and the older one knows all the words to the catchy love song (true to her birth order, the younger sister is mostly just along for the ride). As they sing, it's clear who is the more committed singer--the older girl has her own hand motions for each song section, and remains fiercely focused.

While big sis is fiercely dedicated to her performance -- complete with hand motions -- the tiny tot is possibly more cut out for gymnastics. You'll see why as the video plays; she tumbles, she stretches and shows off her impressive flexibility for being such a young kiddo. Throughout, the two sisters squabble as only sisters can do, but a big hug at the end will make you say "awww" ... and then hit the replay button.