Durham, N.C. six-piece Delta Rae don't pledge allegiance to any single genre with their music, meshing pop, folk, Americana and country, fashioning multiple sounds into their own unique and potent blend. However, this live performance video of their song 'Fire,' which was shot at famed Los Angeles venue the Troubadour this past June 19, effectively demonstrates the sextet's twangier side.

It's easy to see why a tried-and-true country fan would like this particular tune, and that's why Taste of Country is partnering with the group to premiere this live video exclusively.

In the clip, the female-fronted band comes absolutely alive on stage, as if that's each member's most natural and preferred state, both as individuals and as a collective. It's an intense couple of moments, but you will feel like you are front and center at a Delta Rae gig while watching, really taking the whole thing in live and in the flesh.

Watch closely during the last few seconds of the performance, when you can see heaving chests of the ladies of the Delta Rae. Clearly, Delta Rae don't give anything less than 110 percent during their live performances.

The band dropped their album 'Carry the Fire' earlier this summer. If you like what you see and hear, grab the album at this location. Now, go enjoy the live video of 'Fire.'

Watch the Delta Rae 'Fire' Video