Delta Rae are releasing a new single titled "No Peace in Quiet" to country radio, and in a new video, Eric Holljes shares the story behind the song, which he wrote in the wake of a devastating breakup.

"Tonight I’ll lie down knowing you’re not coming home / Then I’ll swear I hear your keys outside my door / And I’ll hate myself for checking as if I don’t know / That it’s just the wind chimes on the neighbor’s porch," the lyrics state.

"This verse came straight out of my experience," Holljes tells Taste of Country. "After we broke up I would be alone in my apartment playing piano or watching TV, and I’d hear a sound outside the front door. I’d stop and listen and then slowly walk to the door, swinging it open and praying that I might find her there waiting for me. I never did of course, and I started checking too often. I felt like an idiot each time and I also kind of felt like I was losing my mind a little bit, but I couldn’t help myself. I missed her so much. That’s when I knew I needed to leave."

He decided to make a drastic change in his life by making the leap to move to Nashville.

"By the end of the week I was gone. I left everything behind: My furniture, my dishes, my pictures, my Christmas decorations, my bed. It all felt haunted. I just took whatever I could fit in my car and drove to Nashville. I’m not proud of any of this, but it felt like my only way to get some distance and sanity. I haven’t been back in the apartment since," Holljes says.

Delta Rae have filmed a very special video for "No Peace in Quiet," which is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country. The clip opens with Holljes sharing the story behind the song, and the group brings the song to life with a delicate, emotional performance that perfectly balances the melodic, vocal and instrumental aspects of the music.

Though it was inspired by a breakup, Holljes hopes "No Peace in Quiet" can serve as solace to those who are going through any kind of emotional loss.

"I’ve been incredibly moved by the outpouring of stories and connection from our fans after they've heard this song. Life can be really hard and loss is a universal experience for all of us, but we often don’t know how to talk about it because it can be so painful, and as a consequence we each feel alone in our loss," he says.

"I hope that as this song makes its way out into the world, people will hear it and not feel alone, and that there might be some catharsis or healing that comes after. With so much hardship and tragedy befalling our country and the world these days, I think we sometimes need a good collective moment to grieve, cry and remember those we’ve lost."

The song appears on the band's A Long And Happy Life EP, out on Valory Music Co.

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