Dianna Corcoran knows how to rock. The Australian country singer's video for her single "God Did Good" shows off her fun personality with her talent, and the background finds a familiar building.

Corcoran kicks off the video with her fingers in the air counting down to the beat, cracking a smile that you'll come to love by the clip's end. She stands in front of the recognizable Nashville skyline — most notably, the AT&T building (dubbed Music City's "Batman Building") — playing her guitar while having fun with her band in Tennessee's capital city.

The video then cuts to a split screen where a man and a woman (Corcoran) walk into a blank room holding suitcases. They lay the suitcases down while she sings, "Everything about you turns me on / When you shake your hips you rattle my bones / Said a little prayer, knocked on wood / When God made you, God did good."

The couple (still on opposite sides of rather similar rooms) begin taking the contents of their suitcase out to build what looks like it'll be the perfect partner, from paper. They pin together arms and legs on bodies, adding big eyes and hair to the paper figures. Each paper person represents the perfect mate ... who just so happens to be on the other side of the room.

Watch the adorable video for Corcoran's "God Did Good" above, but be prepared — you may fall in love with this blonde Aussie.