Don McLean is still facing domestic violence charges, but his wife Patrisha has agreed to dismiss an order of protection she made after the Jan. 18 incident. The couple are moving forward, with no plans to divorce.

A statement at the singer’s website reveals Patrisha McLean didn’t know her temporary protective order against her husband would be made public. “I did not intend to define Don or our relationship based solely on the events recounted in the statement,” she’s quoted as saying. “Don has a big heart. He and I had many happy times in the 30 years of our marriage and what has recently transpired is unfortunate for all of us.”

The details of that temporary protective order reveal her side of the incident and allegations that he’d engaged in similar behavior in the past. The Portland (Maine) Press Herald quotes Patrisha describing being terrorized for four hours until she placed a 911 call that “I think might have saved my life.” The newspaper states that Patrisha called reporters after details became public, explaining that she wanted people to know the 70-year-old “American Pie” singer was not a monster.

The request order details an event from 1994 in which McLean allegedly once squeezed his hands against his wife’s temples so hard it felt like her head was in a vice. During the first 10 years of their marriage he was prone to fits of rage, sometimes grabbing her legs or arms to the point of bruising.

Shortly before the singer’s 2AM arrest on January 18, he’s quoted as saying, “I want to strangle you so bad.” The statement at McLean’s website firmly denies any wrongdoing, backing up his comments from last week. “There was never any abuse or criminal conduct by Don at all,” it reads. His attorney also tells the Portland Press Herald that no one was arrested or charged in the 1994 incident. Walker McKee also states that Patrisha acknowledged her own anger issues after that event.

McLean was released from the Knox County Jail in Rockland, Maine hours after being arrested. He’s scheduled to appear to face the misdemeanor charges on Feb. 22. A hearing to decide if the order of protection will be dismissed is set for Jan. 28.

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