Sometimes, people have time on their hands and they use said time to get really creative, likes the folks at 97.3 The Dawg did. To promote an upcoming Reba McEntire show in the region, the powers-that-be took snippets of Reba's station IDs and set them to this hilarious commercial, which actually aired in the station's local market last night during the 2011 CMA Awards.

A silly and fun commercial like this airing during a big, serious awards show? It's like the little commercial that could. The Lafayette, La. country community is buzzing about the commercial since it got primetime placement, not to mention the goofy content.

The spot is all of 30-seconds long, and offers up Reba tickets and cash -- two things we like! A Reba drag queen provides the visual, and the station cleverly inserted Reba sound clips to make it look and sound like Reba herself voiced the drag queen.

We'll hand it to the faux Reba -- we're not sure what else to call her! She certainly tried to look the part, with loads of ice blue eye shadow and shimmery makeup and a teased red wig. But he -- er, she -- doesn't hold a candle to the real, beautiful thing.

We bet Reba herself got a chuckle out of this.

Watch the 97.3 The Dawg Reba McEntire Commercial