Arkansas trio Edens Edge say a thankful prayer as they watch a friend ditch a troublesome girlfriend on their new single 'Amen.' The song, from their so-far unscheduled new album, comes out as the group prepares to hit the road later this year with Brad Paisley on one of country music's biggest tours.

The plaintive guitars of the song's opening are quickly jostled into joining the celebratory mood as the rhythm section kicks in with gently driving beat, and lead singer Hannah Blaylock rejoices in her friend finally seeing the light and leaving his 'love coma.'  Or could it be she just wants him all to herself?

"Can I get a 'thank God hallelujah' / You finally saw what she was doing to ya / Your mama called that she was right / Glad to see you saw the light / Whole town yewee-hooped and hollered / She drove away, nobody stopped her / Na na na na na na, I'll say it again / Someone give me an amen."

Edens Edge will join Paisley as one of the opening acts on his H2O II World Tour, which kicks off on May 28 in Pittsburgh. According to their official blog, they are currently hard at work at a new record.

Listen to Edens Edge, 'Amen'

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