Last month, Eric Church hit the road with Toby Keith as part of the 2011 Locked and Loaded tour, which has been impacting some of the larger amphitheaters across the country. Speaking with Taste of Country, Church shared some insight into what it was like out on the road with Keith, and how he and the 'Made in America' singer may take a shot at writing some songs together.

The tour launched on June 30, and Church says the shows thus far have been nothing short of amazing. "It’s great! [There's] a lot of testosterone," Church laughs. "We’re up there chest poundin’ and doing what we do."

While there hasn't been much time spent writing songs on the tour with Keith, Church expects that to change the deeper they get into the schedule. "We haven’t yet, but he asked me [about writing with him] when we first got together," Church reveals. "He asked me whether or not I had wrote all the songs [on my albums], and I told him I had. We hadn’t got to do that yet, but I’d love to."

For Church, sharing the stage with the likes of such a superstar is humbling and inspiring night after night. "I love the way Toby’s built his career," Church tells Taste of Country. "You really forget how many damn hits he’s had. I mean ... The first show I stood side stage, and I was just like, ‘Oh man, I forgot about that one!’ And he’s probably got 10 songs that he doesn’t even put in his set that were No. 1’s. He’s just had that much success."

"I just love his attitude, you know?," Church continues. "He’s always been who he is, [and] he hasn’t catered to anybody’s agenda but his own. I feel like we’ve built our career the same way. I think the industry, at times, have loved him and at times they’ve not, but he’s been the same dude playing the same music. I respect that about him. I also respect -- more than that -- he’s had the same band and crew working for him the whole time pretty much. I think that says a lot. That says as much about a person as anything musically. I was very, very impressed with that. I took a lot from that, as somebody who’s just moving into a headlining role, as to how to run an organization."

Earlier this week, Church released his third studio album, 'Chief.' The album's current single, 'Homeboy,' is currently in the Top 15 on Billboard's country singles chart. Click here to read our exclusive interview with Church about the new music.

The Locked and Loaded tour also features sexy newcomer JT Hodges. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

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