Eric Paslay's "She Don't Love You" video is touching and visually stunning — a simple kind of beautiful. The clip was directed by renowned country music director Wes Edwards and released by EMI Records Nashville.

The video starts out in an abandoned building complete with cracked floors, dusty windows, old trinkets and multiple cobwebs. Shots of a beautiful woman all alone in the vast building are intercut with images of Paslay playing his guitar and singing. From artistic shots of the female lead in front of a wall of mirrors and chalkboards to images of a crumbling wall, the video's subdued colors set the tone and mood for the music video. The images are the perfect complement to the video's sobering lyrics. At the end of the film, Paslay is shown standing in the middle of a theater with hardwood floors.

The lyrics include, "She don't love you, she's just lonely / She don't know another way / 
To break free from what's been broken / Too many cowboys rode away / So forgive her if she's distant / She can't tell her heart to lie, no / You'll never be her one and only / She don't love you, she's just lonely / You can hold her in the moonlight / You can give her all the stars / You can promise her forever / But you'll never have her heart."

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