Before he was one of country music’s hottest superstars, Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley was focused on another high-profile profession. In fact, his love of the game gave his future partner a bad impression initially.

Kelley wore jersey number 43 when he played for Florida State University’s baseball team in 2005 and 2006. He was a left-handed pitcher, but he decided to transfer to seek more playing time at Belmont University in Nashville. He says he toyed around with music prior to that, but got serious once he moved to Nashville.

"He was just some baseball guy,” Hubbard told ESPN, admitting his initial thoughts about Kelley. “He was one of those cool kids wearing cleats and a baseball cap all the time."

Hubbard would warm up a little, especially after the singer watched Kelley lead a worship with his guitar. Five years later, they’d find success with ‘Cruise,’ and soon they’d be playing baseball stadiums together, but in a different sort of way.

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