Frankie Ballard came to rock at 2015 Country Jam, and he accomplished his goal with one of the most energetic sets of the festival (so far, anyway).

In a black shirt, dark jeans and his trademark slicked-back hair, Ballard immediately propelled the crowd to their feet, hands and beer bottles raised as the temperature rose even higher.

Fans immediately responded to "I'm Thinking Country" from 2014's Sunshine and Whiskey. "I'm thinking country / I'm talking hammer down / I mean one arm out the window like Smokey and the Bandit," he sang to the sizable crowd.

During "Sunshine and Whiskey" the song, Ballard showed off his flirtatious side, grabbing a cowboy hat from a fan in the front row, putting it on and laying a kiss on the hat before handing it back to the awaiting woman. We're pretty sure she didn't hate it. Fans know this singer will interact freely, and throngs of girls (and, let's be honest, guys too) were dancing, clapping and doing anything to grab Ballard's attention. He roamed the stage, interacting with fans on either side — a specialty of his.

"We've got plenty of sunshine," Ballard announced to the Colorado crowd. "Who's got the whiskey?" After he performed the No. 1 single, he treated the crowd to "It Don't Take Much." Though he's a relatively new artist, Ballard has a repertoire of songs that fans instantly recognize and respond to — and Country Jam was no exception.

When the singer kicked off "Young & Crazy," he teased, "I'm 52. Turned 52 last month. You pretty girls wanna hang out after the show now that you know that?" (He's 32, by the way.)

Ballard showed off his vocals, energy and mad guitar skills, also taking time to jam with his band and encouraging the crowd to boogie. Every few songs, he threw out a guitar pick.

"Helluva Life" was well-received, and when Ballard told fans to "raise your hand if you're living a helluva life," hands shot up. Everyone was having a helluva good time with Ballard, that's for sure.

To close out the set, he played Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" — a homage to his Michigan roots — before ending with "Drinky Drink." We can guarantee one thing; there are thousands of fans who would love nothing more than to grab a drink with Ballard and "give it a shot, give it a dance."

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