Garth Brooks has never been one for social media. But a mysterious Twitter handle has appeared, and somehow, we think Brooks may finally be breaking down ...

The country singer's comeback more than likely will include a presence on Twitter a la @GarthBrooks. The account already has nearly 300 followers at press time, but is only following one account. We're pretty confident the account could be his official one starting next week, and there's a few reasons why.

For one, there are quite a few big names that have chosen to follow the account. Blair Garner (@BlairGarner), one of the hosts of America's Morning Show alongside Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks, has chosen to follow the mysterious account. The show's assistant producer has also followed the Brooks account.

Although the @GarthBrooks account hasn't actually sent any tweets out yet or gone on a following spree, it has followed one important account that may be a major clue. The account is tracking Brooks' charity, Teammates for Kids. The Colorado-based charity strives to "do everything we can to help kids," according to their Twitter bio. It started in 1999 with a whole slew of pro athletes who help the cause. Seems like they definitely know something about the mystery egg Twitter account.

We'll keep holding out for that first tweet confirming that Brooks has finally joined the social media sphere!

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