The Garth Brooks comeback is underway! On Thursday (July 10), the singer announced and overwhelming plan to reassert himself into the country marketplace -- in fact, it's a little too much to take in with one bite. We've broken down the most important details with this super official Garth Brooks Comeback Cheat Sheet.

What fans can expect from the tour, the album and social media are three points he touched on during his press conference when not talking about the situation with shows in Ireland. The biggest announcement was that he'll finally allow his music to be sold digitally. Find out how Brooks plans to return to the country scope.

  • The Tour

    Larry Bussaca, Getty Images

    Details are still murky, but Garth is planning something big, something verybig. The singer spilled that he has a 255-foot-wide, 20-foot-tall video screen. Can you imagine a 20-foot-tall Garth?! Every indication is that this massive tour will last two or three years and circle the globe. Tickets will be cheap. He didn’t say how much, exactly (rumors put them at $60 to $80 a pop), but he said he’s very happy with the price point. Throughout his career, Brooks has worked to be the least expensive show in town.

    Expect the first date to be announced on July 14.

  • The Album

    Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

    Fans will be able to purchase a new Garth Brooks album ... this year! He’s looking at recording a double album and will includes lots of songs from outside songwriters. "I'm getting my a-- kicked by songwriters today,” Brooks said when asked how much self-written material will appear.

    Before the kids return to school, there should be a new Garth Brooks song on the radio. Longtime engineer Mark Miller will produce, and it will be available at all retailers. He’ll release the album on Sony Music Nashville, specifically RCA Nashville.

  • iTunes

    There’s still no deal with iTunes, but … Garth is going to release his entire collection digitally via He says it will happen soon, with a window where the price for all his music will be “stupid” cheap. After that, it will just be cheap. What’s not clear is if fans will be able to download individual songs or just albums. Given his longstanding point of view on the matter, expect to be able to download albums only. Watch the video for more on that.

  • Facebook and Twitter

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    As of now, Garth has no social media presence, and it's not clear if he's planning to keep it that way or not. “Our stance on social media is not quantity, but quality,” he said, without explaining further. He's reinventing iTunes at his website, so could fans soon "like" him on GarthBook?

    That seems unlikely, but Brooks is a brilliant marketer of his music and brand, so he surely sees the power of social media. Being able to send tweets or Facebook updates to fans would have helped him manage the Ireland situation a little better, at least in the eye of the public.