Is Grace VanderWaal the Taylor Swift? America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell thinks so, and the original song she performed on the show on Aug. 23 doesn’t argue.

The tiny 12-year-old stood centerstage under a twinkling tree with only a ukulele and gave a heartfelt delivery of a song called "Beautiful Thing," which she wrote for her older sister, leaving the audience and judges stunned with her raw talent.

VanderWaal's vocals, which sounded at least twice her age, were nearly flawless and dripping with character as she wove the story, sharing with the crowd the special relationship she and her sibling have. The upbeat, folky tune is a tribute to their bond that just got better as it went on, showing off both her ability to infuse nuance into her vocals and her skill with the bigger notes.

The pre-teen couldn’t help but beam when she finished, greeted with a standing ovation from everyone in the room. They knew what is clear from the video above — this girl is the real deal.

VanderWaal wowed judges from Day 1 with her audition, another original called “I Don’t Know My Name,” which she told Teen Vogue she wrote while doing math homework. She earned herself a “Golden Buzzer” that sent her straight to the live show.

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