Gretchen Wilson's injured right arm comes with a story that involves another country singer, five-inch heels and a night of drinking. Parents, don't share this video with your kids — actually, the "Redneck Woman" singer may argue that you should.

"All I can say about this is to my girls out there over 40," Wilson tells Taste of Country, "Don't go peeing in the bushes with (singer and songwriter) Bridgette Tatum, after 2AM, wearing five-inch heels. It is not that easy to get back up."

Solid advice, don't you think?

"I wish I had a good story like some girl got in my face and I laid her out, but that's not exactly what happened," Wilson adds of her brace, smiling. "I guess I'm still kind of the same ol' gal that I always was."

The "Rowdy" singer admits that her teenage daughter knows all of her secrets, and she balances her rowdy inclinations with being a good example. "Somehow or another I managed to raise a really thoughtful, well-minded, great kid, and she would never do anything like that," Wilson says. "Maybe that's the way to do it ... they can learn from your mistakes."

This month, Wilson released her first new single in two years. "Rowdy" is "typical Gretchen," she explains. It's an uptempo rocker she penned with Shane Minor and Trent Tomlinson.

"It's kind of a statement song that I'm back and I'm ready to get rowdy," Wilson adds. And she's got the arm brace to prove it.

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