Season 2 'The Voice' contestant Gwen Sebastian is the first from Team Blake Shelton to release new music. While she wasn't a finalist, the exposure she got from the show is sure to help the quirky North Dakotan. To get a handhold in Nashville circles, however, she'll need the right song to lean on.

'Met Him in a Motel Room' could be that song, but the sharp lyric is dulled with middling production. The story Sebatian tells doesn't take over the room quite like it could.

"She met him in a motel room on the shady part of town / With a set of satin sheets pulled back and the shades pulled down / Like a cotton dress she let her fears fall down to the ground / With a do not disturb sign on the door / She whispered I've never prayed to you before," Sebastian sings during the first verse.

The theme of this song -- that people can find God anywhere and usually do in places they're least expecting -- is original and instantly memorable. During the chorus, we learn more of this woman's suicidal plans and her road to redemption.

"Some people meet him in a church / At a service on Sunday / As the preacher says the perfect words / They bow their heads to pray / And the choir sings a sweet forgiveness tune / She met him in a motel room."

Despite being new to most country music fans, Sebastian is a familiar face to many radio programmers across America. She's worked hard and deserves a hit, but this single proves that it takes a team effort to get that hit. Of course, a good story can overcome all inadequacies, so this plucky singer's future with this song is very, very far from hopeless.

Listen to Gwen Sebastian, 'Met Him in a Motel Room'