The search for Taste of Country RISERS has gone beyond Music City. Fifteen local Taste of Country markets across America have identified singers for a competition that will identify one rising star.

Radio stations in New York, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and more asked local artists to impress with original music and evidence that they are ready to break. The response was overwhelming, with dozens competing for 15 Finalists spots. Now it's up to you to decide who the first Hometown RISER will be.

Click on any of the photos below to hear samples from these hometown stars in the making, then vote once every day until the competition ends at 11:59PM ET on June 18, 2018. Winner will receive airtime on the nationally-syndicated Taste of Country Nights radio show and a featured interview on Taste of Country. From there? Well, as stars like Brett Young, Devin Dawson and Kalie Shorr have learned, we never forget about our Taste of Country RISERS.

Each of the 15 Hometown RISERS finalists were chosen by staff at participating Townsquare Media radio stations. These market leaders help Taste of Country keep a finger on the pulse of what's happening just beneath the surface of mainstream country music. Every star you hear on the radio today was once a bright light in small-town country America. If you find someone you like in the list below, tell a friend!

Note: Voting is now closed. A winner will be announced soon!

  • Chelsea Sulkey

    Cairo, New York


  • Buster Bledsoe Band

    Amarillo, Texas


  • Kate Mallen

    Buffalo, New York


  • Caitlyn Wolfe

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa


  • Sean Curtis

    Cheyenne, Wyoming


  • Jessica Lynn

    Danbury, Ct.


  • Whiskey Trail

    Duluth, Minnesota


  • Kenna Ann Elpers

    Evansville, Indiana


  • Chase Dugas

    Lafayette, Louisiana


  • Allen Biffle Band

    Lawton, Oklahoma


  • Melissa Forrette

    Missoula, Montana


  • Chad Haynes

    Mexico, Maine


  • Annie Brobst

    Portsmouth, N.H.


  • John Paul Von Arx

    Rockford, Illinois


  • Jonah Gonzales

    Tyler, Texas