Newcomer Jacob Lyda is making his country music music video debut with a watchable version of his new single, 'I'm Doing Alright.' The laid back song will have everyone swaying to the music and singing along by the time the second chorus rolls through.

The video begins with Lyda and his lady rolling through a large field in his truck, before he serenades her in the truck bed. The video features several other comfortable settings for the singer, including at the top of an empty barn.

Throughout the video, Lyda is also shown onstage at a Nashville club doing what he does best, while his love interest, played by former Miss Brazil, Sasckya Porto, watches, dances and sings the lyrics back from afar. The video feels good and looks even better, as it draws the viewer into a private moment shared between the singer and his lovely lady.

'I'm Doing Alright' is more than just "alright" for Lyda's country music debut. The song and video represent what many love about country music, and is sure to go over well with his fans of all ages.

Watch the Jacob Lyda 'I'm Doing Alright' Video