James Wesley finds some country street cred with 'Walking Contradiction,' the fourth single from his yet-to-be-released 'Real' album.

'Walking Contradiction' introduces itself as a bar room foot-stomper from the very first crunch of electric guitar. It's mean and dirty and everything you want in a country song meant to irritate the neighbors.

"I go to the church I go to bars / I read the Word I read the stars / Dixie waves in my front yard / But the stars and stripes are in my heart / Yeah you might see grey but I’m black and white / Not afraid to love not afraid to fight / A love my Momma hell raising Christian / A midnight running / Walking contradiction," he sings during the chorus.

Wesley's previous hits -- 'Real' and 'Didn't I' -- were fine songs, but didn't grab one's attention quite like this rocker. He grabs you with the rowdy instrumentation, but backs it up with a lyric that's an original, or at least a new take on an old theme.

"I like my country mixed with a little rock / I plant my corn in rows but there’s weeds in my crop / My dad retired from GM in the spring of 94’ / Well I’m loyal to my daddy but hell I drive a Ford," he announces during the second verse.

Finally this lion has some teeth.

4 Stars

Listen to James Wesley's 'Walking Contradiction'

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