James Wesley can't put his finger on why his love left him in the dust in this upbeat, down-on-his-luck new single, 'Didn't I.'

Wesley asks the questions that may never be answered in this sure-to-be hit from the Kansas native with a deep country voice, written by Kyle Jacobs, Ben Glover, and Randy Montana.

The second verse is especially painful, as the lovesick singer struggles after being blindsided by lost love:

"I thought that we were like a stone wall / Solid all the way around / I never knew you'd be the wrecking ball / To bring us tumbling down / 'Til I woke up that Friday morning / To find you gone / You were gone."

It sounds like the 'Real' singer did all that he could to hold onto 'the one who got away,' so it's a shame that she left him heartbroken. Even though 'Didn't I' is a sad song, we think Wesley will cheer up once his new single hits radio on April 11. With singable lyrics and familiar feelings, country music fans will be all over it.

Wesley is currently on tour across the U.S. -- with dates that spread from Tennessee to New York -- from now until September.

Listen to James Wesley, 'Didn't I'

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