22-year-old country singer Janelle Arthur made a daring choice by singing the Beatles tune 'I Will' on 'American Idol' Wednesday night (March 20), imbuing a lesser-known song with her own unmistakable country flair.

Arthur has competed on two previous seasons of 'Idol,' and it shows in her exceptional on-camera poise. She delivered the song in the lower reaches of her voice, avoiding obvious, showy notes in favor of a subtly nuanced performance that showed the quality of her voice to its full.

Keith Urban praised her natural country tone, saying, "You know who you are, you're pure, you're true."

Nicki Minaj loved everything abut Arthur, who has been one of her favorites from the start. "You look like a beautiful swan goddess," she gushed. She also praised the performance for its nuance, saying, "You are everything because you don't have to yell and scream."

Randy Jackson called it "one of the best performances of the night," while Mariah Carey said it was beautiful and elegant.

Arthur will find out if she has progressed to the next round on the results show on Thursday night (March 21).