The just-released video for Jason Aldean's 'Tattoos on This Town' follows the story the Georgian born singer tells in the song, until the final minute. The first two-thirds of the clip will feel familiar to longtime Aldean fans. The story is set rural America, with teenagers looking for love and trouble.

The drag race early in the video features another Pontiac Trans Am, although it doesn't appear to be the same one Aldean used in the 'Johnny Cash' video. That one was a T-top while this model isn't a convertible at all. The make and model are clearly a favorite of Aldean's.

For the most part, the video simply puts images to the song's lyrics. We see the rope swing that gives the protagonist a scar, the bridge he's painted "Marry me?" on and the black marks left on the highway from the drag race. A gangly teenager and beautiful young girl are the lead characters, and we watch them grow up and marry.

The young man leaves for war, but his fate is never really foreshadowed, making the arrival of two Marines at the young wife's front door as much of a punch to the gut for us as it is to her. What follows is a funeral, more memories of their rowdy teenage years and the ... well, watch the video below to see the surprise at the end.

'Tattoos on This Town' is the fourth single from Aldean's 'My Kinda Party' album. The singer has indicated he has a stockpile of songs to sort through for his next album, and may begin that process as soon as next month.

Watch the Jason Aldean 'Tattoos on This Town' Video

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