Jason Aldean has enough songs set aside to make two new albums, but the 'Dirt Road Anthem' singer will soon begin whittling down a "pile of 20, 25 songs" to the one's that work best for his fifth studio album. Aldean -- who, as previously reported, will begin recording in October -- says he waits to hear the songs before deciding which direction to take with a new project.

"We've never gone in and said, 'Hey, we're going to make a really country record,' or a country-rock record or whatever," Aldean tells Billboard. "I think you just wait on the songs to come in and then you go in the studio and the album takes shape. Whatever it sounds like when you're done is what it sounds like."

Aldean has also been writing songs, but he insists he won't include more than a couple of his own cuts on any album. "It's just not the way I operate. I'm such a fan of so many other writers, and even though I may have a song that I think is cool and good, it seems like I always find something that I like better and end up booting my own songs off the record."

He goes on to hint that there could be a fifth single from 'My Kinda Party' before he begins releasing new music. 'Tattoos on This Town' is his current single, but Aldean says his team thought there were five or six singles once they finished recording in 2010.

In November, Aldean will be up for five CMA Awards, including Entertainer of the Year. It's his first chance at the award show's top prize, and he's optimistic.

"I think we've got as good a chance as anybody, y'know?" he says. "I don't really care about nominations if we don't have a shot at winning."