(Continued From Part One)

What's on the new goal list?

The number one thing for me is tour bus.

Own or lease?

I'm gonna say own. I hate leasing anything. I feel like it's kind of irresponsible.

You haven't mentioned any goals that have to do with radio. Is that a high priority?

It depends on what radio you're speaking of. We really haven't pushed a song to Billboard or Mediabase. You and I know that it takes money and I don't know where our priorities are on that right now.

Tell me the story behind 'Kiss Me That Way.'

'Kiss Me That Way' is a song I wrote in Galveston, Texas. I was on vacation with my wife and we got into an argument which has never happened before, that's the first time we had ever got into an argument. I hope you're picking up my sarcasm right there [laughs].

I don't even know what it was over. It was something stupid I'm sure, but we're both pretty prideful and so we were kind of in a spat for half the day and after a couple of hours of that… We happened to meet up over at the swimming pool there where we were staying and we just kind of looked at each other and both knew that we were being stupid, and she came over and she gave me a kiss and she kissed me in a way that said, 'You're the one that I love and this is stupid, we should get over it.' So at 3AM that morning, I went out on the beach in Galveston and that kiss was still with me and I wrote that song.

Does she get a chance to listen to songs before the band?

On some stuff [laughs]. She won't hesitate to tell me if something is horrible.

Will your band do that as well? Can they be honest with you?

I really don't know. I've never really had them say, 'I don't like this particular song.' So maybe not. I don't really release or record anything that I don't think could be a single.

I'm not gonna put any filler on my albums because I've been that guy, and you can quote this, I've been that guy that has bought the album because I like two songs that I heard on it or one song, and got it home and low and behold those are still the only songs that I like on that entire album. I made a vow to myself long ago that I would never do that to my fans and my supporters and that I'm gonna give them their money's worth on every song.

I've written a lot of bad songs, I just refuse to put any of them on the album.