Jessie James Decker gives a glimpse of her home life with husband and New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker in her "Lights Down Low" video. The self-proclaimed homebody wrote the song with Alyssa Bonagura and says it was inspired by the quiet moments she and husband Eric manage to find while they raise two children and juggle busy careers.

"My husband inspired me to write this," Decker says in a release. "Eric and I are such homebodies. We love laying low and having dates at home when the kids go to sleep. We will have bubble baths and pancakes are definitely our go to for those nights we don't feel like cookin’. Hopefully other couples can relate to this song."

The video for "Lights Down Low" was directed by PR Brown and filmed in southern California. It shows Decker and her husband Eric, who have been married since 2013, enjoying a romantic date night at home.

The three-and-a-half minute clip starts out with the Deckers in the kitchen making pancakes for dinner and continues to showcase their typical nights at home together.

"You and me, we're sittin' in the kitchen / 6PM should I make a reservation? / No, let's stay home," Decker sings at the track's start.

After pancakes for dinner, there's some dancing in the living room before the couple unwinds in a bubble bath together while their kids are fast asleep. Enjoying some quiet time together in the tub and in bed, all that soon ends once a baby's cry is heard which snaps them back to reality.

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