Every day, Jimmy Wayne continues to make an impact on the lives of youth nationwide with his campaigning to end teen homelessness. In January 2010, Wayne left Nashville on foot and walked halfway across America, arriving in Phoenix, Ariz. seven months later, on his Meet Me Halfway project. The 1,700-mile trek was designed to raise funds and awareness for teens on the streets. Many youth organizations have stepped forward, acknowledging the singer for his amazing efforts.

Wayne has been given yet another honor this week when CASA named him as their national spokesperson for his role as an advocate in the lives of foster kids.

Wayne, a former foster youth, opened the 30th annual National CASA Conference in Chicago this past weekend (Sunday, March 20), where he shared his personal story and performed before an audience of over 1,500 CASA and Guardian ad litem volunteers, staff and supporters from across the county.

"We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Jimmy Wayne and are very appreciative of his willingness to support our national cause for children," says Michael Piraino, CEO of the National CASA Association. "Jimmy’s personal experiences in foster care add immeasurable authenticity to his role as a spokesperson for National CASA. He will be an inspiration to the youths we serve and our national network of volunteers, as well as others who may want to become more involved in helping abused and neglected children."

"2011 is going to be a big year," Wayne tells Taste of Country. "It’s not going to be a seven-month walk because once you raise the bar that high, it's hard to top. I would have to walk eight months to outdo the seven months. There are many things in the works that we are planning to do in order to continue to spread the awareness for these homeless youth. We are just getting started."

Wayne is currently in the studio finishing up work on a full-length album inspired by project Meet Me Halfway.

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