In November, Jimmy Wayne will release his first novel titled 'Paper Angels.' The book tells a fictional story based on Wayne's childhood as a recipient of the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program, which takes place during the holidays to give underprivileged kids a Christmas to remember.

The book, which Wayne co-authored with Travis Thrasher, was started last year while the singer was in the midst of his project Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America to raise awareness for teen homelessness.

"When I was introduced to Travis Thrasher, we really hit it off," Wayne tells Taste of Country. "When we spoke for the first time, it was like it just fit. He got me. We corresponded over the phone on the walk the whole way. He would call me, and we would talk forever on the phone. He would come up with new ideas, he would come up with different concepts, verses, and chapters. He'd go back and send me something because I was out there walking, and I could possibly read it while I was taking a break. Then I would send him something back."

"It's been an honor to be able to work with Jimmy on this special story," Thrasher tells Taste of Country. "The best part about it has been getting to know a guy who's real and genuinely cares about people in need."

While the novel won't be in stores until November 1, fans can now pre-order the the story on hardback or by eBook through Simon & Schuster's website by clicking here.

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